DOGS Spring Equinox Event

DateMarch 27, 2004
HostsJudy Allison and Malcolm Boyd
WhereBoyd/Allison house, Medford, NJ
Who (else) Pam and Alan Bergstrom, Marji Brandriss and Dave Kristol, Judy and Dave Buckland, Christina Chan and Rich LeGrand, Marie and Richard Cochrane, Julie and Stu Conway, Tracy and Dan Falvo, Ellen and Larry Garber, Claire Hamanaka and Walt Willard, Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Nora and Paul Meixner, Connie Mertens and Don Engleke, Susan Nicolich and Dave Snope, Jackie and Stephen Pugh, Tricia and Ed Troike, Linda and George Wells

Latecomers (the writer) missed the ride, which traversed the relatively flat pinelands terrain, but we made it for the food. As usual, the DOGS brought a potluck bounty that we all got to share and enjoy.




(Fat) Felines

Fat wheels

Fantastic scenery

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