Dessert First, or Ice Cream in Metuchen

DateJune 29, 2003
HostsTricia and Ed Troike
WhereMetuchen to New Brunswick
Who (else) Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cook, Debbie and Al Cudworth, Claire Hamanaka and Walt Willard, Brenda and Larry Isherwood

"Fried Motherboard Transistors" was the main course at today's New Brunswick Ice Cream Ride at Ed and Trish Troike's house. In the absence of a functioning computer, I am entering my viewpoint of the ride for all to share. Attached are also some photos of the event. The rain clouds finally circumvented an event sponsored by Ed and Trish. Joining them were Walt, Claire, Al, Debbie and Cheryl and me. Everyone was in good spirits. We mounted our two-wheeled steeds and began our urban assault. The route included loops through an expansive park, quiet neighborhoods, downtown main streets and parts of the Rutgers Campus. The centerpoint of the ride was marked with a stop at a great ice cream shoppe in downtown Metuchen. Back on the bikes we headed back to Ed and Trish's home for a great bar-b-que relaxing in their cool back yard. Ed's BBQ chicken with a spectacular sauce just procured from a trip to Tennessee was matched only by a fabulous green salad and homemade dressing by Claire. We are all excited to get on with more rides as the onset of the fine weather permits us to get into riding shape. Keep up the good work. Thank you Ed and Trish for a wonderful ride.

Mark S. Cook

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