Not as Flat as a ... The Pancake Ride

DateDecember 1, 2002
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood, Sue Nicolich, Dave Snope
WhereCalifon Island Park, Califon; Hunterdon County
Who (else)[no one!]

Route Slip [PDF]

On Sunday morning Team Breeze had to chop their way through ice and snow at home in Succasunna before traveling to the ride start location, but they arrived in Califon cheered by the discovery of clear roads and sunny skies over in this neck of the woods. The firemen served up another delicious breakfast of cooked-to-order eggs, homemade sausage and tender flapjacks. Great riding fuel! Although club attendance at the second NAFAA...The Pancake Ride was scarce -- make that non-existent -- the undaunted ride leaders set out for an undulating trip through Hunterdon and Morris Counties. It turned out to be a ride of 25s: twenty five miles, in temperatures that just topped 25 degrees F, through buffeting winds that gusted to 25 mph. We enjoyed beautiful scenery, the satisfaction of accomplishing some long climbs, and the thrill of 40+ mph descents. An additional benefit of the hilly route was that we all remained toasty warm from our lobster-clawed fingertips to our neoprened toes! The four rosy-cheeked and invigorated cyclists wound down Chez Susan with pumpkin soup, cranberry muffins and Brenda's Famous Spiced Cider. We plan to be out there again next month. Join us -- you'll have a blast!

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