Team Bergstrom: ``General Store Tour,'' Pottersville Area

June 29, 2002
Hosts: Team Bergstrom

[Remarks and captions by Pamela Algatt-Bergstrom.]

Attached are pictures from the Team Bergstrom Ride "General Store Tour" on June 29, 2002. We had an awesome turnout - total of 10 teams riding on Saturday! We even got a new team to join the DOGS - Carol and John Kulesa from Clinton, NJ.

As you can see from the pictures, a good time was had by all....especially after the ride!

Teams attending: Team Wells, Team Isherwood ,Team Nicolich/Snope,Team Kulesa (newest DOGS), Team Insync (Pape/Rodriguez), Team Willard/Hamanaka , Team Fialcowitz, Team Engleke, Team Cate.
Teams getting ready for a great day of riding
Group Shot Before the ride
Paul and Jane heading out
Team Insync looking just that!
Taking a breather at our first stop - Pottersville General Store
Team Photo Op - where is Barbara Cate?!
Taking a breather after the Potterville Road climb (Oldwick General Store)
Alan getting his fill of Gatorade!
An "informative" discussion of the benefits of titanium! (I think I'll sit this one out!)
Tracy offering everyone a sample of a very tasty coffee ring! (Service with a smile!)
John Pape still smiling after 25 miles!
Check out those bikes - the DOGS have truly taken over this rest stop!
Teams Isherwood and Nicolich/Snope racing to the finish line!
Relaxing after the ride!

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